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Charm Junction Pandora Jewelry
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How It Works

1. Choose Your Bracelet Size and Type.

Start with selecting your base bracelet, or necklace if you prefer.

A PANDORA bracelet with a barrel clasp can be opened with either a PANDORA Clasp Opener or by using your finger nail. Simply insert your finger nail or clasp opener in the groove and gently pry it open.

Three Steps to Determining Your Bracelet Size...

  1. Take a soft tape measure and wrap it around the widest point on your wrist.
  2. Add 1.5 inches to this measurement.
  3. Choose a bracelet closet to this measurement.

For example, if your wrist measures 6 inches, you need a 7.5 bracelet.

The 7.5, 7.9, and 8.3 sizes are the most popular sizes while the 6.3 and 6.9 sizes are great for children. The 7.1 will fit petite framed ladies.

Please note that the 6.3 size is only available with a lobster clasp.

Special note about Leather Bracelets:

When choosing a leather bracelet, you may want to only add 1 inch to your wrist size. How loose you like to wear your bracelet is a personal choice but because the leather bracelet is not meant to be filled completely like the silver or gold bracelets, you may want to wear a smaller size

2. Choose Your Clips

Each bracelet requires 2 clips to cover over the 2 threaded fittings on the bracelet.

PANDORA clips are hinged and and open by inserting your finger in the groove so you can pry them open to snap closed over the threads.These are important to keep your charms evenly distributed around your bracelet and will help to prevent your bracelet from stretching.

Some clients like to keep these clips the same (especially if they prefer symmetry on their bracelet) while some prefer to choose two different clips as they end up looking like regular PANDORA charms when the bracelet is complete.

When your bracelet is full, you can use a third clip for the end of the bracelet, just before the last thread. This keeps your charms from twisting off when you are taking your bracelet off.

Do not use this third clip before your bracelet is full because it does not have a threaded inside like the charms and can cause wear and tear and damage on your bracelet if it can move back and forth too much.

3. Choose Your Charms

With over so charms to choose from, choosing charms may feel overwhelming at first.

Take your time to browse through the different charms available. You have the option of buying charms now or keeping track of the one's you fall in love with by creating a wish list that you can share with you family and friends.

Whether you start by focusing on your favorite color or by selecting charms that represent a special meaning for you, we are sure you will fall in love with many!

4. Add Spacers

Spacers are a little narrower than the charms and are a great way to add extra dimension to your bracelet.

They are great to use between odd shaped charms to help them fit together better and placing one on either side of a special charm will help to highlight that charm on your bracelet. You can also use them to add hits of gold to a silver bracelet.

You are now on your way to a beautiful and one of a kind PANDORA creation. Dream big and have fun!